TROIS VISAGES DE FRANCE (three faces of France)


(three faces of France)

Golden GirlArtist lecture: Monday January 18 at 6:30pm
Exhibit Opening from 7-9pm
Exhibit Ends February 20th

Artist’s Statement:
“In 2013, I traveled to France with my sister to honor my husband Michael, by visiting some of the areas that he lived as a child. During the journey, I documented churches, abbeys and neighborhoods of northern France, enjoying the time with my sister, as well as observing the culture and beauty of the countryside.

The selection of images from France cover three specific areas – Paris, and the regions of Burgundy and Loire. Three Faces of France. These images were processed and presented in three different ways, through a variety of mediums. Salon de The card copyThe first series consists of scenes enhanced by the choice of Japanese paper, printed to create a softness through the torn edges and fibers that run through the scene. Traveling to the second group, the images were printed in black and white on French watercolor paper, and then hand colored with pastels to create the feeling of years gone by, reminders of the turn of the century chalk paintings. The final group consists of images that were printed on hand painted backgrounds of gold. All three groups of images were hand torn and floated on matching backdrops to maintain the simplicity of the images.”



Barbara Ellison has been fortunate to be able to combine five loves

photography, art, gardening, travel and teaching into her work.

While a Pro-Market Representative forCanon USA for twenty-six years she traveled throughout the US, lecturing and instructing on various photographic topics such as botanical and macro photography, printing and alternative processes. She covered events including presidential inaugurals, the Kentucky Derby and US Open Tennis in addition to photographing travel, nature and the landscape.

She now continues to teach workshops on art and photography, specializing in location shoots, botanical imagery and creative printing. She has shown her work in galleries throughout the East Coast and in various books and publications. She continues to create mixed media pieces at her home in Virginia.

You can contact her through her website: or

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