Let’s Talk Photography

Lets Talk Photography

Show and have your Photography critiqued, Engage in different Photography Topics

Many photographers today exhibit their work at different events.  Most photographers are aware that their is a potential of clients  available. What a lot of photographers do not realize is that these clients love to speak to you along side your images.

Lets discuss social networking, public speaking skills and the different ways we can relate to clients at these events.

We can learn from each others experiences both good and bad in having conversations with people who are interested in our artwork.

Lets talk about introducing our work and making ourselves accessible to interested clients.

What experience have you had at the different events,  Should we try and sell our work or pressure them at an event or should we give them space?

Have you had someone monopolize you especially friends if so how do we deal with the situation?

Lets get together and help each other to better ourselves for that special event when exhibiting our work.

Meets last Monday of each month from 7 PM until 9 PM.

$10 payable by check, credit card or cash at the door, bring a guest for just $5 more.


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