Create a Simple but Classic Still Life in Watercolor

mb-art-3-still life with blueberriesCreate a Simple but Classic Still Life in Watercolor

Mary Beth LaBrecque Instructor

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 and runs through February 22

Every Wednesday from 2-4 pm.

$140.00 for all 8 sessions:

8 Jan/Feb 2017 Sessions Classic Watercolor Still Life Class: $140

This beginner class will help you capture the essence of a colorful still life, using floral and fruit, making an ordinary kitchen scene warm and exciting. Explore the options of realism and expressionism as you learn to loosen up and paint your feelings.

Finished paintings will be in a standard size, suitable for matting and framing.

To be prepared on the first day bring:

  • Several sheets of watercolor paper, 11X14 or larger
  • Basic watercolor colors such as: titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre, vermillion or cadmium red light, phthalo green, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow.
  • Optionally additional colors: burnt sienna, phthalo blue, cobalt blue, paynes gray


  • Several sizes of watercolor-suitable brushes (ask at the art store), large for backgrounds, medium size(s) and a small brush for detail
  • Bring a rag, a small container for water, and an area to mix colors.

Contact Jackee Swinson at Galleria Gilda for more information: 561 714-4871

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